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NEC3 - The New Engineering Contract Engineering and Construction Contract NEC ECC

The NEC was launched by the ICE in 1993 with the 2 nd Edition in 1995 and the 3 rd edition in 2005. It is now the most widely used contract in UK civil engineering. It is often used by government departments such as the Highways Agency and by local authorities. It has been used on major projects and procurement initiatives such as the Channel Tunnel Rail Link, Heathrow T5, NHS Procure 21 and the Eden Project.

Typical contracts within the NEC ECC family

  • Priced Contract

With Activity Schedule or Bill of Quantities (Main Options A or B)

  • Target Cost Contract

With Activity Schedule or Bill of Quantities ( Main Options C or D)

  • Cost Reimbursable Contract

Main Option E

  • Management Contract

Main Option F

  • Short Contract

Suitable for small and simple projects.

  • Framework Contract
  • Sub Contracts

For use with Main Options A to F and the Short Contract.

  • Professional Services Contract

For use by Employer, Contractor or Sub-contractor when employing professionals such as design consultants.

  • Adjudicator Contract

Current News / Changes:

NEC3 was launched on 14 July. The ICE claim that new features and new contracts will enable the NEC to be applied even more effectively across a wider range of projects.

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Training and seminar courses

Alway Associates can offer tailored training on the NEC standard forms of contract typical courses currently available include:

  • The changes in the NECECC 3 rd Edition
  • The NECECC contract
  • Managing and Assessing Compensation Events
  • The NECECC contract for Procure 21

To see the typical programme for the Alway Associates training seminars follow the link to our training pages. Click Here